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The Oxygenetix difference 
Oxygenetix products are branded as the “first truly breathable makeup”, and is designed for use directly after cosmetic procedures such as laser treatments and chemical peels. It helps optimise post-procedure recovery, not just conceal it. 

The “breathable” effect is due to a patent pending formula called the Ceravitae Complex. This creates an aerobic effect in the skin, accelerating skin cell production and boosting the healing process. Oxygenetix is designed to speed up connective tissue reconstruction, systemically build up collagen layers and support the process of natural skin healing. Try the Oxygenetix breathable foundation today and notice the difference. Award winning makeup that is also a skincare 

Oxygenetix has received multiple awards:
  • • Harpers Bazaar UK Beauty Awards Winner 2015
  • • Oxygenetix named Best Treatment Foundation in the 2015 Attracta Beauty Awards
  • • Oxygenetix Foundation Best Cosmetic Surgery Product or Device 2014
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