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Aspect Dr Multi B Plus Serum 30mL
Aspect Dr Multi B Plus Serum 30mL

Aspect Dr Multi B Plus Serum 30mL

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Key ingredients:

Vitazymes™ B Complex : Vitazymes™ constitute patented delivery system in which topical vitamins are physically complexed with various natural polypeptides. These natural polypeptides dramatically enhance the transdermal delivery of the vitamins they are complexed with and are particularly useful for the transportation of water soluble compounds such as Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) into the deeper epidermis and dermis.
In the case of “Vitazymes™ B Complex” we have the full spectrum of 8 B group vitamins
complexed with yeast polypeptides.

  • (B1)Thiamine Yeast Polypeptides
  • (B2)Riboflavin Yeast Polypeptides
  • (B3) Niacinamide Yeast Polypeptides
  • (B5)Pantothenic Acid Yeast Polypeptides
  • (B6) Pyridoxine Yeast Polypeptides
  • (B7) Biotin Yeast Polypeptides
  • (B9) Folic Acid Yeast Polypeptides
  • (B12) Cyanocobalamin Yeast Polypeptides

Q: So what exactly is the benefit of cleverly delivering high concentrations of all of these B group vitamins directly to the lower epidermal and dermal layers of the skin?
A: The benefits of topically administered B group vitamins are numerous and supported by high grade clinical studies as published in some of the world’s most respected medical and health related journals. For instance, Vitamin B5 improves epidermal hydration and speeds wound healing, Vitamin B12 is an effective treatment for psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, Vitamin B6 is anti-inflammatory, useful in the management of dyschromia (hyper pigmentation) and treats seborrhoeic dermatitis. In fact in the 1930’s Vitamin B6 had been discovered but not yet given an official name and was referred to as “anti-dermatitis factor”.
By far the most important topical B group vitamin when it comes to beautiful skin would have to be Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide).

 Summary of Major Research Findings from published studies

Canadian Willow herb™ Extract

For thousands of years Native Americans have used extracts from the Canadian Willow herb™ plant to purify, sooth and comfort sensitive and environmentally stressed skin. Modern research has now confirmed what the Native Americans always knew. Independent Human and laboratory based studies have proven that Canadian Willow herb™ Extract:
  1. Is a powerful anti-inflammatory with a proven anti-redness/anti-irritant action equivalen to topical Hydrocortisone 1%, minus the unwanted dermal atrophy associated with topical steroids.
  2. A powerful antioxidant with greater oxyradical absorption than both Super Oxide Dismutase and L Ascorbic Acid
  3. Exerts a strong antibacterial action against propionobacterium Acnes (acne bacteria)

Ideal For:

  • All Skin Types