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Dermedica Moisturiser Plus Kit

Dermedica Moisturiser Plus Kit

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Dermedica Moisturiser Plus Kit
The ultimate moisturiser kit. A must have for dry skin

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Dermedica's ultimate Face and Hand Moisturiser Plus Pack is the perfect treatment for dry and neglected skin. This moisturiser has been formulated to adjust to the unique needs of your skin while preserving essential moisture – to revitalize your skin from the inside and out. It consists of:

  • Hydration Boost mask - The gel-based formula contains hyaluronic acid and a plant-based peptide, providing even the most dehydrated skin with a deep-moisturising, elasticity-enhancing treatment.
  • Triple Action Moisturiser - Many of our clients who have used this moisturizer will never do without it. Our moisturizer contains a special formulation designed to hydrate, exfoliate and protect your skin.

Key ingredients and benefits:

Dermedica Hydration Boost Mask
- (Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides & Jojoba for maximum hydration)

Dermedica Triple action moisturiser:

  • Jojoba oil and shea butter to deeply moisturise
  • Apple-derived malic acid and pomegranate for a refreshed, brighter skin tone
  • Added Vitamin C for an antioxidant effect

Suitable for:

  • All skin types especially dry skin. 
  • For face and hands


  1. Wash face or hands with a cleanser (we suggest Dermedica Enzyme Cleanse) in warm water. 
  2. Pat skin dry after cleansing.
  3. Pump 1-2 pea size portions of the Triple Action Moisturiser on the tips of your index and middle finger. Do not pump into your palm (too much wastage)
  4. Rub your index and middle fingers together. Apply this onto your face or hands in a circular motion.
  5. Allow approximately one minute for absorption before applying the Hydration Boost Mask.
  6. To apply the Hydration Boost mask follow steps 2 and 3 as above
  7. Leave it on for 12 hours before washing off with warm water.


  • For hands: Step 3, first rub this to all the fingertips then down to the rest of your fingers, palm then the back of your hands. Leave on the skin 12 hours.
  • For use on hands, best to apply at night. 
  • For the face this can be applied at any time